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A pirate's panties for me

yo ho ho

Scurvy Curs
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This is a community for everything. It's a place for INTELLIGENT people to talk about music, movies, philosophy, religion, art...anything you want to talk about. Post pictures of yourself, pictures you've taken, poems you've written, etc. However, as in any good establishment, there are some ground rules:

1)You must first add yourself to the community. This is the only way you can gain actual access.
2) You must fill out the application and then post on pirate_panties with the appropriate application form.
3) To be sure all applicants have read the rules, please type "pepsi cola" as the subject of the entry and make it friends only.
4) After your application is posted, myself and the other moderator will read it, comment, and add you if we like you.
5) If you use bad grammar, bad spelling, or internet lingo in the application, it is automatic rejection. We do not want morons. We know you all are intelligent, so please, check grammar, spelling, and do not use ridiculous slang.
6) If indeed you do get rejected, you will be taken off the community list. You can re-apply, but be sure your first impression will stay with us.

1. Please, post whenever you want. We want this to be an active community.
2. Once added, you will need to vote on others who apply. Anyone who does not vote for one week will be kicked out. You can re-apply, but you will be kicked out.
3. Promote. A little or a lot, your choice. But please try to recruit, we want a lot of members.
4. This is an opinion based community. If you don't like what someone else is saying, you can comment, but please, let's keep the LJ fights to a minimum. We are not banning burning, but if you burn someone, do not turn around and whine because you got burned. You get what you put out, so if what you put out is nasty, prepare yourself.
5. You will be given a pirate name if you are added. Once added, when you update, you will put your pirate name as the subject of every entry you post, as well as mark the entry FRIENDS ONLY.

xrubberxduckyx Crazed Constance Castle
marth_mama Hellfire Bonnie LaFitte

-the mods